About this blog

For many months now, friends and associates have been prompting me to write a blog. Those of you who know me, know that I always have something to share — inspirational, educational, motivational, and always from my heart. As I launch this blog, I launch a new adventure in China. I’ll be sharing the lessons I teach (and the lessons I’ll learn) at World Academy for the Future of Women at the University of SIAS in China. Please stay close … who knows where our next journey will lead!

For more of the outrageous and courageous click here!


Currently taking questions, comments, concerns in life, love and business of course! I’d love to respond to them in these posts.  So contact me below!

(all private info kept anonymous)


6 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Glad to see you blogging. I have one word for your travel wardrobe. Black. Always classy. Interchangeable with multiple things. Stick to as few colors as possible and bring scarves. Other people won’t know that you are wearing the same thing often and you’ve got better things to do then lug around a bunch of clothes. Fewer clothes, fewer choices. More time to play, explore and observe. Use your blog as a daily travel diary.

  2. You truly inspire those of us afraid to take that leap of faith in ourselves and others. You do an incredible job in letting us be there with you in your words. They’ve touched something deep inside me and now I’ve got to figure out why, what, where and the when. Keep writing and inspiring us…

    With love,

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